Content Coaching and Guides

Cost-effective maintenance of your website or intranet

Web writing guidelines

Web writing guidelines help you maintain your company voice and brand as content is written, reviewed, and updated, especially if multiple people contribute content to the site.

Guidelines smooth content development and maintenance by making them into objective, companywide processes.

Content templates

Content templates show how to arrange content so that users can easily find the most important information on each page.

Using a set of content templates helps give the site a coherent look and feel, and it helps you maintain the site’s look and usability over time.

Style guides

An editorial style guide specifies your organization’s standards for spelling, capitalization, wording, and tone.

A style guide helps reinforce your brand, streamline your business processes, and maintain your brand over time. If your organization has several style guides already, I can help you consolidate them and increase consistency across business groups.

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